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    3 Big Problems Big Data Will Probably Create in Near Future

    Challenges of Big data and 3 most important problems with Big Data in future.

    Big Data has undoubtedly been the biggest buzzword in the past year. One can look back at the just concluded 2013 and consider it as the breakthrough year for the term Big Data.

    Big Data may not be an outright term in innovation, but it certainly is in awareness. In spite of Big Data receiving more attention in the mainstream, there are businesses and individuals who still confuse the term and use it inappropriately.

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    All things said, business enterprises are investing big time in Big Data with the motive to have the best from advanced data analytics. As mobile data, internet data and cloud data trends multiply, a need for more sound Big Data adaptation platforms such as Hadoop has been felt. Though the real potential of Big Data is still very abstract to nail down, the ramifications and business challenges it will create have already begun to show.

    Let us read on to the three most important problems Big Data analytics will probably create in the near future.

    1. Legal and privacy are risk issues:

    Big Data can be used for good, and obviously, it can be harnessed for the betterment of society. But it can also be abused! So, not everything is sunny about Big Data. Since the accumulation of data means more threats to privacy, privacy challenges around Big Data are nothing new. It may be the dark side of Big Data, but an average consumer has begun to understand the implication.

    This becomes challenge since enterprises use Big Data to benefit from advanced analytics. It is believed (and explained by Sand Hill survey) that almost 62 percent of enterprises use Hadoop for the advanced analytics it can provide.

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    In 2014, Big Data with the rise of the Internet of Things, leading to more mobile data, drone data, sensory data and even image data is bound to create more legal concerns over Big Data privacy. This, as explained, is because consumers are becoming more aware of the real impacts of Big Data on their lives. It is therefore important for enterprises to remain ahead with compliance laws and keep themselves up to date with changing data protection laws.

    2. Human decision making Vs. data-driven decision making:

    As more businesses pursue Big Data to drive their decision making, there is soon going to be a clash in ways of doing things. As MIT Sloan School of Management research scientist Andrew McAfee points out, most management education programs train employees to trust their gut. Trusting the gut feeling is the old way of decision-making, so changing it with data-driven decision-making can lead to conflict. Becoming data-driven will require businesses to undergo a paradigm shift, since whether the company is data-driven or not will become the competitive differentiator between successful and not-so-successful businesses.

    3. Big Data used for discrimination:

    Many research projects based on the use of Big Data have raised concerns of data being used for discrimination, in addition to looming privacy concerns.

    Researchers including Kate Crawford of Microsoft suggest that Big Data is being used speedily for precise forms of discrimination. We are not new to discrimination, but Big Data creates a new form of automated discrimination. Researchers suggest that social media and health care are the most vulnerable.

    To safeguard against the issue of discrimination, organizations can create transparent Big Data usage policies in order to protect consumer data.

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