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    Big Data Analysis Tools

    Article explains about bigdata analysis tools including opensource data extraction tools and sentiment tools

    Tools to digest Big Data

    We live in the age of data, an enormous amount of information is created every day and the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connection of thousands of devices, will cause the appearance of much more data.

    In order to manage, analyze and give visibility to this huge amount of data, numerous tools have been created, here are some of the most used tools, they will be organized according to their functionality:

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    Data Extraction Tools:

    Data extraction is a process that involves the recovery of data from various sources.

    Octoparse: This tool allows you to extract data from web pages for free and through simple steps.

    1. data can also be obtained, this company has two types of accounts, “Community” free and “Enterprise” with more functions, but to get it you already have to pay.


    Organizing large amounts of data requires data models that are incorporated into consistent and reliable databases. The programs listed below are open source.

    1. PostgreSQL/PostGIS: PostGIS provides a spatial extension to the relational database of PostgreSQL objects. The great advantage is that it adds support for geographic objects that allow location queries to be executed in SQL.
    2. MongoDB: is a document-oriented NoSQL database used for high-volume data storage. MongoDB builds utilize assortments and documents as a substitute for using tables and rows as in habitual RDBMS. Documents consist of key-value pairs that are the basic unit of data in MongoDB.

    Open Source Analysis Tools:

    1. A: is a totally free software programming vocabulary and software atmosphere for statistical processing and graphics. The particular R language will be well-liked by data miners for developing record software and information analysis. It offers gained popularity in recent years because of its simplicity of use and substantial features.
    2. Python: is an object-oriented programming language for web and application development. Python sustains to utilization of modules and packages, and the code can be reused in a variety of projects.

    Sentiment type Tools:

    A sentiment analysis tool is software that analyzes text conversations and evaluates the tone, intent and emotion behind each message.

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    1. HubSpot: includes a customer feedback tool that can break down qualitative survey responses and evaluate them with either a positive or negative intention, and uses Net Promoter Score (NPS) to do so.
    2. Quick Search: this is a sentiment analysis tool that is part of a customer service platform called Talkwalker. This tool works best with social media channels because it can tell you exactly how people feel about your company’s social media accounts.

    Data Visualization Tools:

    These tools allow you to disseminate and bring data closer in a more “chewed up” way that improves understanding for the public, but the visualization will depend on the social group you are trying to target. Nowadays, there are many applications of this type, some of the most used by the community are

    1. Tableau: offers a platform (dashboard) with which to make some very attractive compositions with graphics, maps, tables, etc., you have created, even allows you to incorporate external resources and work with temporary data, so you can deploy very interactive and intuitive visualizations.
    2. Datawrapper: this program allows you to create maps, graphs and tables for free (its functions can be extended through different payment rates). You can easily materialize the resource you are interested in through a few simple steps (jack, horse and king) and then download the image in different formats. The positive point of this is that you can include it in your future story.

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