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    Oracle SQLCL

    The blog post provides information on how to resolve the issue of Oracle SQLCL 18.2

    Oracle SQLCL 18.2:

    The TNSPING utility in the SQLCL 18.2 tool determines if the listener of service in an Oracle network can be successfully reached.

    If the connection between a client and a server (or between servers) can be successfully established with the TNSPING utility, the full time (in milliseconds) it is expected to take to access the Oracle web service will appear.

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    If it cannot, a message will appear where you can see the reason for the error. This way, you can see the network error that has occurred without having to be connected to a database.

    Use the following command to verify connectivity:


    Where the address is a TNS entry or a JDBC connection string.

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    For example:

    TNSPING [email protected]


    TNSPING localhost: 1521 / test
    SQL> tnsping
    ping: 18ms
    SQL> tnsping
    ORA-12505, TNS: listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor
    ping: -1ms

    It means if you are using exact and perfect code then you can not get any issue during establishing the connection.

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