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    Oracle DBA Tips

    Introduction to ASM

    The article explains about what is the ASM in Oracle database. ASM stands for Automatic storage management.

    Database News

    Why testing backups is essential to DR strategy?

    When we are making strong DR strategy then testing of your automated daily backup should be one part of this strategy.

    What is the Innovation Release and Long Term Support Release?

    This article explains new changes to Oracle version updates and support. What is the long-term support and what is extended support?

    Hadoop Can Come Handy


    Cloud Technology

    Want Innovation of Cloud at Low Cost?

    The blog post explains brief detail about Oracle cloud infrastructure OCI for corporate usage.

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    DataBase Technology

    DBA Career

    Oracle Certifications: what’s the Difference Between OCA, OCP, OCE, and OCM?

    Blog post explains differences between Oracle certifications like OCA, OCP, OCE, OCM with some tips and importance of these certifications

    Oracle DBA Resources

    Performance Tuning

    SQL Server performance tuning best practices

    This article explains best practices of SQL server performance tuning to improve performance of sql database.

    Improve SQL Server Query Performance

    Article explains how to improve SQL Server Query Performance on Large Tables for targeting large operation read and write.

    Oracle Tuning Basics Part-2

    This is the 2nd part of Oracle database tuning basics including depth of every aspects.

    Oracle Tuning Basics Part-1

    The article explains Oracle database performance tuning basics details.

    RAID partitioning of Disks

    The blog post explains what are the RAID options available how those provide advantages and disadvantages for database server.

    Latest Video

    This blog post explains how to clear real time scenario based tricky question during technical interview


    SQL Tutorial

    The Fundamentals of SQL

    Materialized views

    Use of SQLPlus

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