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    Four high value use cases for Big Data, are you doing it right?

    Explanations of cases of Big Data.Big Data will play a significant role in the enterprises; but one question that surrounds authority of big data analytics is how it can actually be used to add value

    With the ever-increasing digitization, organizations are accumulating terabytes of data annually. Presently, most of this unstructured data goes unused, though it is being retained for regulatory purposes. However, the current trend of data analytics suggests that know-how of Big Data can work in favour of enterprises in the long run.

    High-value use cases for Big Data:

    Big Data will play a significant role in enterprises, but one question that surrounds the authority of big data analytics is how it can actually be used to add value.

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    Few managers have mastered the tact of making decisions based on data analytics, something they would do based on their gut feeling until just a couple of years back. But since the influx of data is such that traditional data management systems cannot cope up with it, managers have become dependent on Big Data analysts to turn this avalanche of data into meaningful decisions.

    Having understood the applicable use of Big Data to an extent, it becomes imperative to know where Big Data will work within the enterprise and what problems Big Data can address.

    Here we have listed four instances, which according to experts make Big Data analytics worth the investment for organizations. These are high-value use cases of Big Data, as found by IBM.

    1. Exploration of Big Data:

    The idea of Big Data exploration is to make companies research the existing transactions and repositories using Big Data techniques. This allows companies to accumulate data from various sources stored in different places in order to create a clear picture of available data and gain insights on how to use it for valuable results. Data exploration thus implies finding, understanding and visualizing Big Data to improve the quality of decision-making. Big Data exploration basically addresses the business problem of storage of data in different systems by accumulating it in one place for all to see and analyze.

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    2. Enhancing customer knowledge:

    Companies use Big Data to have a 360-degree view of their customers to understand and engage more personally with them. For example, telecom companies use phone data records and social media usage to understand behaviour of a customer. Enhancing customer view enables enterprises to gain a full understanding of the customer and then place goods and services based on their analysis.

    3. Extension of security:

    Big Data analytics can be used to detect fraud by analyzing credit card transactions or detect terrorism and cyber crimes by monitoring data processing, phone calls, social media, emails etc. constantly. With Big Data analytics, fraud and cybersecurity can be monitored in real-time.

    4. Using Big Data for operations analysis:

    Connected gadgetry and the Internet of Things are creating new data at great speeds. Smart gadgetry is contributing immensely to the data stream. Analyzing this avalanche of data can allow companies to improve performance. The abundance of data coming from sensors, GPS devices, IT machines etc. can be analyzed using Big Data for operations analysis to allow companies to attain real-time insight into what’s what.

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