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    Performance of noSQL Database

    The article shows reasons of performance of nosql downgrading or not.

    Nowadays, the enormous weight that the process and maintenance of the information available online and above all, its use is a reality. A proper analysis of these data can provide fundamental conclusions for different purposes. Thus, companies with commercial interests extract the behaviour patterns of their customers in order to improve their sales. In the same way and directly linked to security, observation and analysis applied to currents of thought, actions and human behaviour play a leading role in matters of defence and protection of a nation.

    The unstoppable growth of data on the Internet. Some figures bring us closer to the reality of the information handled on the Internet:

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    According to Eric Schimdt, president and director of Google 2001-2011, the volume of data generated on the internet every two days is equivalent to that accumulated until 2003.

    IBM, for its part, estimates that 40 zetabytes of data will be generated in 2020 compared to the current 3.2, which amounts to 43 trillion Gigabytes, about 300 times more than in 2005.

    Google provides about 3.5 trillion daily searches that involve queries to databases of brutal dimensions.

    It is clear that the growth of the internet and the volumes of data, storage and analysis of the same bring effective solutions capable of dealing with these figures. These needs have driven the consolidation of non-relational or NoSQL databases, whose portability, scalability and distribution characteristics among multiple systems make the use of these technologies almost essential.

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