Sql Tutorial

sql tutorial, learn sqlHere I am starting a new section to guide you how to write accurate SQL without making any silly mistake. This is not the section for learning SQL but you can learn SQL with a smart way to not performing any basic mistakes and avoid any logical data corruption.

There are so many tricks existing to avoid silly and basic mistakes which can influence logical data corruption. Oracle DBA has a headache to get rid of this risk because due to this reason your RDX has the need to recover either table level data or perform full database recovery. This is totally risk for all kinds of databases. Most trainee people or fresher programmer could make this kind of error. This is user related error and resulting your whole database management systems suffer from an outage.

I am trying to provide you exact guidance to don’t make these kinds of error from my 20+ years of experience. I have seen lots of this kind of scenario during my DBA career. This kind of error can be done by not only fresher but by experts too. Thus I am starting this new section to take precautionary steps against poor mistakes which are resulting in data corruption.

So kindly read posts with category SQL Tutorial and share it with your friends. This will be definitely helpful to you and your friend circle. You can reach me with your query and doubts at any time to my mail [email protected].