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    Oracle DBA Tips

    Migration methods of Oracle Database

    Blog post explains which tricks and methods are simple to perform migration of small and large Oracle database

    Export and Import in Oracle XE

    This article will focus on exporting and importing Oracle XE database through the DATA PUMP programs using commands of Expdp and Impdp.

    Virtual columns in Oracle

    The blog post provides information about Virtual columns in Oracle, about how to create and what are the usage in Oracle 11g onward version.

    Archive Log Basics

    The article explains about basics of Archiving process and usage of arch files in backup and recovery.

    Managing Oracle Instance

    The article explains an overview of how to manage Oracle instance and location of Oracle home

    Daily backup of Schema Scheduling

    The article explains how to schedule the daily export backup of schema with date and time in the dump file.

    SQL Server Concept for Oracle DBA

    Article explains basic concept of SQL server for understanding to Oracle DBA what is the master database and user database etc

    Some detail about login.sql

    Article explains about login.sql and banner.sql of Oracle 18c database for information usages.

    Create Schema in Oracle 18c XE

    Article explain how to create new user in Oracle 18c XE and grant some system privileges with connect as new schema user in database.

    Recover database from dump File

    Detail explanation and step by step guide for how to recover database using import dump file manually.

    SQL Tracing-Overview

    Detail explanation of how to enable and disable SQL tracing in a database with database level or session level with how to understand the result of a trace.

    How to restrict Idle Users

    How to restrict idle user session when it is consuming memory from Oracle database.
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    Most Read

    Oracle Scheduler Jobs Example

    Blog post explains how to configure job scheduler in Oracle by example with how to manage, delete, drop, disable and enable jobs with how to check history of job if broken and enable.

    Identifying important information in Big Data

    The way in which Big Data technologies have evolved in the real word enterprise goes on to show that even technologists and scientists who might have disparaged the word (Big Data) previously

    Five Reasons Why Database Outsourcing

    The blog post explains why database outsourcing and remote dba support becomes most popular during present time of Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Hardware of Database Server

    The blog post explains how to choose best hardware of your database server for getting high performance and security.