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    Benefits of a hybrid cloud

    This article explains what are the benefits of hybrid cloud of Oracle and microsoft azure

    Last year Oracle and Microsoft announced a strategic interoperability agreement between their respective cloud services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), allowing the deployment of joint solutions during which a part of the workload was executed in one among the clouds and part within the other.

    The agreement is predicated on three fundamental areas. First of all, at a technological level, fast and straightforward access between the 2 infrastructures is guaranteed. The service is out there in locations where connectivity between Azure and OCI is excellent; in some cases the info centers are within the same building, guaranteeing an experience almost like that of an area network. Unified identity and access management is additionally offered.

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    The second area is that of application interoperability, where mixed deployments between OCI and Azure of Oracle applications are certified, usually with the appliance layer in Azure and using a number of the database services in OCI. Oracle database support is additionally guaranteed on operating systems deployed in Azure.

    Finally, a collaborative support model has been established between the 2 companies. Customers can contact Microsoft or Oracle once they have a problem and both support teams will make sure that the difficulty is mentioned to the acceptable experts at either company to resolve the difficulty.

    With this agreement, both companies make sure that a unified experience is obtainable to customers, facilitating integration, and eliminating the necessity for intermediate providers that are necessary to determine other multi-cloud services.
    When the service was launched, it had been only available within the eastern us , but has since spread to several other regions. within the case of Europe, it’s available in London, which is outside the ECU Union space, and in Amsterdam, which began providing the service in April this year.

    At our company we’ve begun to design architectures for clients using interconnection and that we have seen very clear advantages for clients that have critical services with both providers. A hybrid cloud is established during which there are services on-premises, services on Azure, and services on OCI.

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    When both clouds are connected, you merely need to contract and establish the dedicated network services between them (FastConnect in OCI and ExpressRoute in Azure) using the other service as the provider. once we configure FastConnect we indicate that the provider is ExpressRoute and the other way around. From here, immediately and without the necessity to put in any infrastructure, we’ll have the connection established. you merely need to configure the networks on each side so as to possess the specified access with the precise security permissions. It should be noted that neither Microsoft nor Oracle charges for the outgoing traffic that uses this connection, which greatly facilitates the viability of hybrid services between the 2 clouds. the subsequent figure schematizes the connection.

    In the tests, we’ve administered, and as confirmed by some customers, we’ve seen latencies of but two milliseconds, like those obtained during a local network. Customers who have deployments in Azure and are accessing their local Oracle systems will have a considerable improvement by moving them to OCI, since the latency between the customer’s local CPD which of Azure is replaced, which never drops below 35-40 milliseconds, for access order of magnitude faster.

    In short, this agreement makes joint-use scenarios viable during which customers can combine their favorite Microsoft services with those of Oracle, without the necessity for costly technology migrations, optimizing their current investments and ensuring future evolution.

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