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    Linux – Not Retributive for Communists

    Some more detail about Linux invention and history about discoveries and explanations.

    What is Linux

    Article provides all details about Linux starts from what is linux, usage, come from history and all things you need to know

    Coding in linux

    Detail explanation of why linux coding require to learn and how it is useful.

    What is Computer security

    The article explains about what are the kinds of computer security vulnerability and how to protect and find out most common vulnerabilities risks.

    Which platform I need?

    A blog post for a full explanation of what platform Windows or MAC needs to choose for personal usage.

    Data Security of Important Files

    The article explain how to maintain data security of your important files including advantages of regular backup of data.

    Linux web browser

    Detail explanation of Linux web browser with different options available in global world.

    Linux vs Windows operating system

    The blog post provides detailing about differences between windows and linux operating systems.

    Business Intelligence Market

    The blog explains how business intelligence is growing in Global market and what is the future of BI.

    Peer to Peer Technology

    The article explains what is the peer to peer p2p technology and how it works and helps to improve your knowledge.

    MySQL and virtualization

    The article introduces virtualization by proposing ready-to-use solutions to use MySQL in different ways.

    3 Big Problems Big Data Will Probably Create in Near Future

    Challenges of Big data and 3 most important problems with Big Data in future.
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