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    Oracle database 21c new features

    This blog post explains some new features of Oracle database 21c from the developer's point of view. It provides detailed explanations of new features.

    The latest innovation unleashes of the world’s most well-liked info is currently usually offered “cloud-first” on Oracle Cloud info Service Virtual Machine and vacant Metal Service. it’s conjointly offered from the Autonomous info Free Levels Service within the Ashburn (IAD), Phoenix (PHX), Frankfort (FRA), and London (LHR) regions. native convenience of Oracle info on native platforms (including Exadata, Linux, and Windows) can follow in 2021.

    Enable a data-driven future:

    In a perfect world, all databases would be “converged”. Storing and managing information during converged info is a lot of economical and productive than cacophonous into multiple single-use engines, inevitably leading to information integrity, consistency, and security problems. Simply put, converged info may be multi-model, multi-tenant info, and multi-load work. Oracle info absolutely supports multiple information models and access strategies simplify consolidation whereas guaranteeing isolation, and excels in typical info employment use cases, each operational and analytical.

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    Oracle info absolutely supports multiple information models and access strategies simplify consolidation whereas guaranteeing isolation, and excels in typical info employment use cases, each operational and analytical.

    Oracle’s Converged info Generation 21c offers customers:

    best-in-class support for all information sorts (e.g. relational, JSON, XML, spatial, graphical, OLAP, etc. ) and industry-leading performance, measurability, convenience, and security for all of your operational, analytical, and alternative mixed workloads.

    Oracle’s converged strategy conjointly ensures that developers enjoy all the key capabilities of Oracle info 21c (eg ACID transactions, browse consistency, parallel and DML scans, online backups, etc.) – releasing them up for target application development while not having to fret regarding information persistence.

    New in Oracle info 21c:

    This new unleash of Innovation Engine expands the facility of the merchandise by adding varied new options and enhancements. These embrace Associate in Nursing distended set of applied mathematics functions, Associate in Nursing increased graphical computer program (GUI), and lots of alternative productivity-boosting enhancements.

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    Here are a number of the numerous exciting options of Oracle info 21c:

    Blockchain tables:

    As a technology, blockchain has the potential to resolve several of the issues related to corroboratory transactions. However, until now, there hasn’t been enough business development to form a viable possibility for many corporations. The most important drawback is that the complexness of the systems required to support a blockchain during a company’s surroundings.

    Oracle info 21c solves the matter of maintaining a history of information with the introduction of tables of chains of blocks. These tables work like all traditional heap tables, however with a variety of necessary variations. the foremost notable of those is that the rows are cryptographically hashed once inserted into the table, guaranteeing that the row can’t be modified at a later date.

    This prevents users from creating updates or deletions to blockchain tables and conjointly prevents them from truncating the info (in this case, preventing them from deleting elements of the blockchain), dropping partitions, or dropping blockchain tables among bound limits. These necessary capabilities mean that alternative users will trust that the info hold on {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} blockchain table is a correct record of events.

    Native JSON information kind:

    Oracle info 12c introduced support for JSON, rental developers use JSON as a knowledge kind. This allowed developers to use JSON in the Associate in Nursing easy-to-use, powerful method, and with the pliability of a blueprint-free style. they might use JSON in their info queries, perform advanced analytics on individual attributes or entire documents, and simple method billions of documents in parallel.

    When you use JSON documents as your information interchange format, you’ll produce trivial relative views on high of them. after you use the SODA genus Apis to access your Oracle info, you’ll faux it is NoSQL info. In either case, you get the performance and measurability of a conventional RDBMS with none of the constraints.

    JSON support in Oracle info 21c is greatly increased by giving a native information kind, “JSON. this suggests that rather than having to analyze JSON on browse or update operations, parsing solely happens on Associate in Nursing insert and therefore the JSON is unbroken in an indoor binary format, creating access abundant quicker. this may end in four to five times quicker browse and update operations and updates to terribly giant JSON documents twenty to thirty times quicker.

    The new information kind wasn’t the sole modification Oracle created to JSON in Oracle info 21c. They conjointly other a replacement JSON_TRANSFORM perform, that makes it simple to update and delete multiple attributes during a document in one operation.

    Oracle has conjointly other JSON support to the mixing drivers and utilities Datapump and GoldenGate.

    Running JavaScript in Oracle info:

    JavaScript may be a powerful artificial language that may be used for several totally different functions. It runs during an application, sanctioning client-side interactions. It works in conjunction with alternative languages like JSON and REST and features a giant library of existing functions that creates it easy to implement advanced programs.

    In Oracle info 21c, the polyglot Engine (MLE) in Oracle info mechanically maps JavaScript information sorts to Oracle info information sorts and the other way around, thus developers do not have to subsume information kind conversion themselves. in addition, the JavaScript code itself will execute PL / SQL and SQL through an inherent JavaScript module. this suggests APEX developers will use JavaScript as a fantabulous language among their APEX applications, while not having to sacrifice the facility of PL / SQL and SQL.

    SQL macros:

    In Oracle info 21c, SQL Macros solve this drawback by permitting SQL expressions and table functions to get replaced by hold on procedure calls, that come to a string literal to insert into the SQL we wish to execute. It’s Associate in Nursing improbably easy conception and one that C and Rust programmers are going to be conversant in.

    Stored procedures ar terribly powerful. However, they need one vital downside – they hamper your program execution. In Oracle info 21c, SQL Macros solve this drawback by permitting SQL expressions and table functions to get replaced by hold on procedure calls that come to a string literal to be inserted into the SQL we wish to execute. it is a conception that C and Rust programmers are going to be awake to it.

    A developer doesn’t need to understand any SQL to use the MD5 perform. All they need to try to do is choose the MD5 to perform from a listing and it’ll mechanically be “pre-packaged” for them. it’s then their responsibility to easily click the Run button and acquire the results.

    Polymorphic tables are a must-know for each SQL developer. With polymorphic tables, you’ll dynamically modification the output of a question by passing in numerous parameters (e.g., totally different conditions). this is often particularly helpful if you’re employing a reportage tool like Crystal Reports. In fact, polymorphic tables will create it doable to make actually “report-ready” SQL.

    Memory enhancements:

    Using a columnar model for information analysis may result in Brobdingnagian performance enhancements over employing a row-based model. However, information refresh is considerably quicker once victimization information control in rows. Oracle info In-Memory is exclusive in this it permits users to profit from each approach. With this capability, users will run their applications unchanged, and Oracle info In-Memory maintains a columnar store that supports blazingly quick period analytical queries.

    And many more new features, but in this single article, we are unable to provide all details.

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