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    Will You Learn Big Data Skills This Year?

    Learn new skill like hadoop and bigdata in this covid-19 situation to improve your skill in advance technology break.

    Learn Big Data and Hadoop during this Covid-19 situation to utilize your free time in Lockdown:

    During this time, bloggers and journalists from all fields are publishing lists of top items from 2020 as well as their predictions of 2021, including those in the world of Hadoop and Big Data. Techies of Information technology are well consuming their free time to learn Hadoop in this Covid-19 situation during lock down and working from home.  I find these lists to be interesting to read, as they remind us how far we have progressed in the last year, particularly around the fast pace of technology.  These lists also provide industry pundits’ opinions of what we can all look forward to in the new year.

    But what do you think about his individually?  If you’re reading my blog, you’re likely someone who is interested in learning how to use Hadoop for Big Data.  You’ve undoubtedly previously heard about how many corporations are scrambling rapidly to implement Hadoop to manage and organize data to get a business advantage.  You’ve probably also have heard about the growing demand for hiring and training skilled professionals, such as data scientists and data engineers, to help organizations make sense of big data.  What’s your status in this time of big data business transformation?  In my experience, my Hadoop article readers are very intelligent and curious, but they might not yet have had the opportunities in their organizations to get much hands-on work experience with Hadoop or Big Data yet.  Either their organizations are not ready for handling big data yet, or perhaps they are employed in a different department from the one piloting Hadoop and other solutions for big data.

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    In either case, if Hadoop is a vital part of your role in the new world of big data, now is the time for personal transformation for you.  If you’re inspired and interesting to spend the effort to study Hadoop, openings will definitely available for you.  You might even be capable to take a management role in driving your occupational or your consumers to start leveraging big data.  Ultimately, advance technologies such as Hadoop will be implanted into mainstream information technology for general use, but for now, early investors can still gain a competitive benefit if done right.

    When I was starting to learn how to use Hadoop at work, what gave me extra motivation was that my manager had said that he would test each of us on Hadoop Pig or Hive, since those were essential skills for our analytics team.  Although he never got around to testing us, it did motivate me to force myself to accelerate my mastery of Hadoop because of the additional accountability.  For gaining knowledge and for any personal renovation, it’s very important to have responsibility to somebody, whether it’s for an individual objective like eating healthy food and doing exercise more, or for other individual expansion like understanding Hadoop.

    Although I don’t always have much time to provide one-on-one help or to write blog articles for tutorials, there is something I will commit to do this year to help you learn and get experience with big data.  If you write to me either in the public comments below this article, or via the private Contact Us form, and say that you have a goal of learning either Hadoop, Pig, Hive, SQL, R, Java, Python, Tableau, D3.js, or some other skills related to working with big data, then I will commit to checking in with you via email every 3 months this year to check on your progress.  You can use me as your accountability partner for learning big data skills.  Together let’s celebrate our advancements!

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