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    Oracle Troubleshooting

    Resolution of ORA-00371

    Solution and workaround of ORA-00371: not enough shared pool memory, should be atleast N bytes error.

    ORA-01940: Cannot drop a user that is currently connected

    Detail explanation and solution of ORA-01940: Cannot drop a user that is currently connected error.

    ASM Disk creation issue

    The article explains how to troubleshoot Oracle ASM disk creation. Solution of Oracle ASM disk creation with ASMLIB

    XML Sheet to Oracle Database

    Blog post guides how to transfer Data from Simple XML Sheet to Oracle Database. Using this trick you can get result.

    Troubleshooting Client Connectivity

    The blog post explains how to resolve client connectivity issues with Oracle using tnsping command.

    Solution of ORA-39511 with CRS-5702

    Solution of ORA-39511: Start of CRS resource for instance failed with error : CRS-5702: Resource 'ora.asm' is already running

    Export dump failed with ORA-31693 error

    Resolution of ORA-31693 error during export or import in Oracle.

    How to resolve error ORA-01000

    How to resolve ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded error with example and solution.

    What is Logical Corruption in Oracle Database

    Article explains basic of logical data corruption and tricks, techniques to remove it from Oracle database

    Cause and Solution of Error ORA-00600 with arguments [17020]

    What is the root cause and solution of Error ORA-00600 with arguments [17020] with error ORA-30757 and ORA-02063?

    Exception:TNS-04414: file error in DBCA or NETMGR

    Solution of Exception:TNS-04414 error of netmgr with root cause and workaround

    How to Detect Block Corruption in Oracle?

    The article details how to detect Oracle block corruption and what is the solution.
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