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    Why Oracle DBA job is tough to compare to MS SQL DBA?

    Blog post provides detail of why Oracle DBA job is most tough in compare to SQL DBA

    Oracle DBA Interview Questions

    Types of Oracle DBA technical interview questions and answers.

    Fresher Oracle DBA jobs

    Article explains how to get fresher Oracle DBA job from market

    Getting fresher Oracle DBA jobs

    Hiring fresher Oracle DBA job is impossible nowadays

    Tricky Oracle Interview Questions

    Tricky interview questions and how to handle -Oracle interview questions tips

    What is the best online Oracle training?

    5 points to be considerable in online oracle training course searching

    Are you doing jobsearch for placement of naukri?

    Are you looking for job then this is useful article for you.

    Important factors and reasons behind jumping trend and frequent change job in I.T market.

    What are important factors for jumping job in today's world

    online IT training

    Nowadays, online training become more popular with some good reasons.

    oracle dba jobs

    Tips about how to find out Oracle DBA jobs in India

    Oracle DBA learn by presentation

    Learn by presentation slideshow with animated videos series offered by kendba

    Expert Oracle DBA course

    Some detail about expert Oracle DBA course offered by kendba
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    Blog post explains how to install and use of Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu linux server

    Create Schema in Oracle 18c XE

    Article explain how to create new user in Oracle 18c XE and grant some system privileges with connect as new schema user in database.

    Oracle Autonomous JSON database

    The blog article explains about What is the Oracle autonomous JSON database, usage and how to get it from Oracle Cloud.