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Everybody needs some relief and mind-refreshing under heavy workload or tensionfull environment. Here you can find out some good mind refreshment and mind blowing jokes for get rid of your stress. Some funny stuff or joke for DBA and databases.

Joke for Database:

One day a DBA guy called and ask advise in very critical situation. Comunication of us as follows…

Guy called “Hi Gitesh, I am in very critical condition.”
“What is happening?” I asked
“My database is down, Kindly help what to do” DBA guy told
“Explain me situation” I asked more details to advise him
” System datafile is corrupt and giving error to perform media recovery” He explained.
“Then what are you looking for? Just restore backup and enable media recovery” I told him.
“But I didn’t take backup yesterday?” He murmuring.
“Does your database is on archivelog mode?” I tried to solve his problem.
“No it is running on noarchivelog mode” He answered.
” When you took last backup?” I asked.
“One month back, after that backup gets failed due to space problem” He disclosed and asked again “Please give me advise to resolve and get rid of this critical problem”
“Update your resume and start applying” I advised

(Why DBA becomes careless and don’t monitor daily task….it might become critical sometimes)
(This is only joke and fun don’t take anything personally)
(Everybody invited to join this discussion)

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Latest Joke:

Joshi is facing Oracle DBA interview in one company.

Boss asked during Oracle DBA interview¬† to Joshi ”¬† How to recover deleted file from Unix box?”

Joshi confused and replied ” from backup only”

Boss asked ” I think you are not understanding my question. Suppose I have deleted one file by mistaken then how can I recover it?”

Boss shown one file on Unix desktop and delete it using RM command.¬† And asked Joshi ” Now tell me how to get deleted file from RECYCLEBIN?”

Joshi replied immediately “Sir, I think somebody has deleted recyblebin too, due to this reason we are not getting recyclebin”

And Joshi has selected as Oracle DBA by boss.

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