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    Undocumented Oracle Utility-dbhome

    Hi Friends,

    Today we are going to discuss one another undocumented Oracle utility called DBHOME. Yes I think you understood usage of utility as per it’s name.

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    Usage of dbhome:

    For checking $ORACLE_HOME environment variable. This utility is very useful for getting location of Oracle home. We can use dbhome utility instead of “echo” command of Unix and Linux.

    But it is very useful for checking location of another ORACLE_HOME in same server because “echo” command provides only value of current environment variable of Oracle home.

    Kindly note that, dbhome utility doesn’t available on Windows platforms.

    Command of dbhome:

    dbhome [SID]

    Example of dbhome:

    $ dbhome gpt1                      (This command provides non-current oracle home)


    $dbhome                               (This command provides current oracle home)


    Providing SID name is not mandatory because if we use only “dbhome” alone without SID then it returns current environment variable of oracle home location.

    dbhome is providing same output of echo oracle_home just as follows.

    $ echo $ORACLE_HOME


    I think this article will be useful to you in your routine database administration work.

    For more Oracle DBA tips and Articles kindly check our site section called Oracle DBA Tips.

    All the best.

    Thanks and regards,

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