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What are you thinking about this point? Does database administration become more tough nowadays?

Some people replied “no” and some of the people replied “yes”.

It means, actually we are not understanding my topic accurately. Database administration is becoming tough and in the future it will be difficult too. I can prove this thing. Have you known how many features are you knowing of Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g? It might be possible so many. Right? But how many features are being used in your company by application teams? Now you may get no reply or if able to reply then “very few”. If you are changing your job to another IT company or some big financial, banking, telecommunication, data center company, and will be getting more than 400 databases with different kinds of versions and the various platforms then?

Are you thinking about this? Obviously they are paying more because have more work for Oracle DBA. This is only one example and scenario. There are lots of others too. Those all are indicating, Oracle DBA tasks are becoming tougher and harder nowadays and in the future too. For more detail of this topic, kindly check the following article Database Administration is becoming more hard nowadays .

Share your own ideas and thought about same. Your valuable comments are always well-comes.

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