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    Oracle Utilities Undocumented-dbfsize

    Hi Friends,

    There is hidden and undocumented Oracle utility available called DBFSIZE. This Oracle utility provides the exact size of the file, which is connected with Oracle software.

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    Means we can get the size of the control file, redo log file, datafile size using DBFSIZE undocumented Oracle utility.

    DBFSIZE utility doesn’t available for Windows platforms.

    How to use DBFSIZE utility of Oracle?

    DBFSIZE provides a number of blocks and size of block in output of Database file size (check below example first number stands for the number of blocks and the second number stands for the size of each block)

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    $ dbfsize indx.dbf

    Database file: indx.dbf

    Database file type: file system

    Database file size: 4196 8192 bytes blocks

    $ dbfsize control.ctl

    Database file: control.ctl

    Database file type: file system

    Database file size: 162 14324 bytes blocks

    $ dbfsize redo1a.log

    Database file: redo1a.log

    Database file type: file system

    Database file size: 20480 512 bytes blocks

    DBFSIZE is helpful to counter checking backup file size and current file size of Oracle database.

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    Remote DBA team of Dbametrix Solutions

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