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Yes, our title is explaining everything. What backup and recovery plan you are using? There are a lot of alternatives find out in the Oracle database server.  Take example replication, advance replication, oracle stream, dataguard, physical standby, logical standby, datapump, export/import, user managed cold backup, user-managed hot backup, and RMAN, etc.

Recovery Manager is the free backup utility of Oracle and every version of Oracle has RMAN. There are a lot of features coming with RMAN. Oracle introduces new features in every new release with RMAN and makes RMAN more and more powerful backup utility.

But, I have seen that so many companies are not taking benefit of RMAN. We have published a new article for RMAN features. The article explains all types of features of RMAN and provides an excellent knowledge base of RMAN.

You can find out our new RMAN backup article from our site.

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