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    Solutions Associated With Oracle Backup and Recovery

    RMAN is only option for OMF and Oracle ASM as Backup and Recovery Tool

    In the field of Oracle backup and recovery, there exist many solutions that are used for applying various strategies. In this article, we will introduce some of these solutions to make you familiar with the terms.

    Recovery Manager (RMAN)

    There is a thorough integration between this element and the Oracle database to carry out a series of backup or recovery actives such as keeping an RMAN repository for the log data concerning backups. RMAN is accessible from the command line and from the Enterprise Manager.

    User-managed type of backup and recovery

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    People who go for this solution establish Oracle backup and recovery using a hybrid mixing between host OS commands and commands associated with SQL recovery. The choosers of this system also take over determining all the parameters concerning the way how backups and recovery are to be done and timing when it should take place at.

    The favored solution

    Oracle supports the above-mentioned solutions and provides full documentation for it. But RMAN stays the favored solution for Oracle backup and recovery. RMAN offers a shared interface for all the tasks concerned with the backup across various host types of operating systems. It provides as well as various backup techniques that are unavailable through the user-managed type of methods.

    RMAN-based type of backup and recovery.

    There are many RMAN-based techniques for Oracle backup and recovery, the worthiest of them to be mentioned are indicated below.

    • Incremental backups

               It is a kind of backup that cares to store only the changed blocks from the time of the previous backup. They offer thus more concrete backups and provide faster recovery, resulting in a reduced need for applying any redo while the media recovery is taking place.

    • Block media recovery

    A data file can be repaired using a few blocks of corrupt data without the need to be taken offline or be restored from backup. This kind of recovery is performed by the command “RECOVER BLOCK.

    • Binary compression

    This is a mechanism that is inhabited in the Oracle database to reduce backups size.

    Day by day, Oracle enhances features of recovery manager and offers some solid features like block media recovery, cloning database, incremental, and parallel supporting with compression. Due to these reasons, nowadays RMAN becomes the most popular backup tool. Of course, RMAN is available at free of cost and it is only supported backup procedure while you are using Oracle managed file system or Automatic storage management. Indeed, there is no other backup option available in OMF or ASM features. There is lots of third-party backup software also using recovery manager because it is free with Oracle. It means don’t surprise if RMAN becomes a separate license product in the near future.

    Using RMAN is the best utility for remote database work too because it provides so many features.

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