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    Linux vs Windows operating system

    The blog post provides detailing about differences between windows and linux operating systems.

    Windows operating system was the reason why Microsoft became the world’s largest company during its prime. Those systems were also the reason why Bill Gates became the world’s richest man. That was no surprise, the great majority of the computers in the world were running on Windows, it was almost a monopoly. It was not until in the last few years when Apple made a comeback that another operating system made its presence felt in the market.

    But it isn’t the Apple OS that we are concerned about here. What this article is about is comparing Linux against the Windows operating system in order to find out which one is better.

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    Background- Linux is based on an old operating system that was developed back in the 1960s by the famous Bell Labs. It was used on the supercomputers back then, which took up a greater part of a facility. It has been since adapted for use on minicomputers and is now being distributed as open-source software. That means it can be used and developed by anyone for their own use. Windows on the other hand was the OS that was developed for minicomputers, and it has garnered a lion’s share of the market. Most people are unaware that there are other operating systems that are available, other than Windows.

    Advantages of Linux-

    The main advantage of Linux is that it is very flexible, and it is highly adaptable for any kind of device. While it can be used on personal computers, it can also be used and modified so that it would be able to run a mainframe computer. It is also very stable, which means it would require a lot less maintenance than other OS. It also has a greater amount of computing power than others. Since it is highly adaptable, it is perfect to who would like to become computer experts. You can always get a computer repair expert to help you install and manage Linux.

    Advantages of Windows-

    The main thing going for Windows is that a lot more people are familiar with it. Since it is the OS used for a majority of computers today, people would have no hard time using it. Microsoft has also implemented several changes on their OS line that would make using it a lot easier. Since there are so many users of this OS there are a lot more programs that are available for it in the market.

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    1. Linux desktop is very beautiful safe and lightweight. It does not eat up system memory like Windows. Thanks for lovely information and comparison.

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