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    Delete archives using RMAN in Oracle

    Hi friends,

    Today we see how to delete archive forcefully using RMAN.

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    When some of archives are being deleted from disk and RMAN still consider those archives due to retention period. Then we can delete those archives from rman metadata using following command.

    RMAN>delete unavailable;

    If we are getting some specific archive related error or want to delete some specific archives from RMAN metadata then we can use following command for deleting it from rman metadata.
    RMAN>delete force archivelog SEQUENCE 18314 THREAD 1;
    RMAN>delete force archivelog SEQUENCE 18786 THREAD 2;

    Otherwise general option for deleting archives from RMAN metadata for those archives which are already obsolete.

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    RMAN>crosscheck archivelog all;


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    1. Hi,

      This is impressive… I never tried the delete unavailable command yet..

      But try it and see, what is the effect…

      Thanks for a great article..


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