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    EMCTL Oracle Enterprise Manager Control Utility

    Oracle Enterprise Manager Control Utility

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    The command-line utility of Oracle Enterprise Manager Console, is called Enterprise Manager Control. Using emctl command Enterprise Manager Control utility is invoked. For managing Oracle Enterprise Manager emctl command is very useful. We are able to start & stop the Oracle Enterprise Manager console. We are able to start & stop Oracle Management Server as well as Oracle Management Agent. Even we are able to start and stop Oracle Application server control using Enterprise Manager Control utility.

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    Oracle Management Agent is managing and administratesOracle database in a Grid environment.  Using Oracle Management Agent you can run jobs, start listener, start an instance, stop listener, stop instances.  Oracle Management Agent resides at every Oracle instances, application servers. Hence Management Agent is a key feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid.

    Usage of Enterprise Manager Control utility:

    Emctl {start | stop| status}  (dbconsole | oms | agent | iasconsole)

    Using start; you can start dbconsole, oms, agent, iasconsole

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    Using stop; you can stop dbconsole, oms, agent, iasconsole

    Using status; you can check the status of dbconsole, oms, agent, iasconsole.


    Dbconsole is the Database Control console.

    OMS is Oracle Management Server.

    The agent is Oracle Management Agent.

    IASCONSOLE is the Oracle Application Server Control console.

    Example of Enterprise Manager Control utility:

    To start dbconsole

    emctl start dbconsole

    To stop dbconsole

    emctl stop dbconsole

    To start Management Agent

    emctl start agent

    To stop Management Agent

    emctl stop agent

    To start Oracle Application Server control console

    emctl start iasconsole

    To stop Oracle Application Server control console

    emctl stop iasconsole

    EMCTL is a very useful command line of Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage all Oracle Enterprise Manager services. Especially when we are working in Remote Oracle Support and Remote database Monitoring and managing a large number of critical production Oracle databases.

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