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    Oracle Advanced Compression

    Oracle Advanced Compression

    oracle compressOracle Advanced Compression is a fresh annex that has been liberated with the Oracle Database Management version 11g. It fundamentally is a data density extension that categorizes all varieties of data and diminishes the space necessitated in the database for all the informative-data. Because of the affecting of the arrangement, amorphous and other backup data into classified and compressed data containers, the competence of the database is also enlarged because there is a reduced amount of pressure on the Disk I/O server of the Oracle databases.

    Even if the quantity of size decrease of the data depends on whether the data is structured or unstructured Oracle Advanced Compression manages to compress the data from two to four times. Thus, there is a significant space-saving, which helps in saving costs as in today’s world where more and more space is needed for the huge amount of information stored in databases, increasing space constantly can be a costly affair.

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    It also prevents the database from overheating and other administrative problems as it takes care of the high data volume and brings it down to a reasonable limit. Also, the compression of data can be done from the smallest bit of information to big packets and chunks of information which has not been sorted in the database. The best part is that the Oracle Database Management System does not have to decompress most data before putting it to use. This is true especially for tables from which the information can be used directly.

    If you check this kind of advance new future is also available in backup and recovery using RMAN.

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