Oracle version number detail explaination:

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How to check Oracle version from installed Oracle database RDBMS?

Using following queries we can check version of Oracle has been installed.

SQL>select * from v$version;
Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release – Product
PL/SQL Release – Production
CORE Production
TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version – Production
NLSRTL Version – Production

SQL>select * from product_component_version;
—————————————- ———— ———-
NLSRTL Production
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Prod
PL/SQL Production
TNS for 32-bit Windows: Production

Interpretation and understanding of Oracle version numbering:

First digit is Major database release number
Second digit is Database maintenance release number
Third digit is Application server release number
Fourth digit is Component specific release number
Fifth digit is Platform specific release number

For Example take output of above sample:


Oracle 10 <=Major database release number
.2 <=Database maintenance release number
.0 <=Application server release number
.1 <=Component specific release number
.0 <=Platform specific release number

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