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    Sub Query limitation in Oracle

    Hi Friend,

    Do you know there is a limitation of sub-query in Oracle? If you don’t know then keep in mind the following limitation.

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    There is a limitation of Oracle for Subqueries. You can use unlimited sub-queries in the FROM clause of the main query. You can use a maximum 255 sub-queries in the WHERE clause of Oracle. This limitation is the same in Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. There is no change of this sub-query limitation in both Oracle versions.

    Beware of using more sub-queries in WHERE clause of the main query.

    Thanks and regards,

    Remote DBA Team

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    1. Hi,

      Yes its known by me , Its the first question I ask while back then on 9i when Sub Query Concept was introduce to the class.

      But great to have such tips back.for the developers..


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