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    Improve SQL Server Query Performance

    Article explains how to improve SQL Server Query Performance on Large Tables for targeting large operation read and write.

    Improve SQL Server Query Performance on Large Tables

    It is important to say why iteration can cause poor performance, it’s now that we are getting to explore a scenario where, on the contrary, we’ve things where iteration IMPROVES performance. An optimization component not yet discussed here is contention. We must remember that once we perform any operation against the info , it are often observed that there are locks against a particular amount of knowledge to ensure that the results are consistent and don’t interfere with other queries that others besides us are executing con to an equivalent data. .

    Closure and locking of knowledge in some circumstances are often the results of having goodies , as they protect data from corruption and protect us from bad results. However, when the contention continues for an extended time, important queries are often forced to attend , leading to unhappy users and therefore the latency and lag complaints that end in latency.

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    Large operation Tuning:

    Large writes are the kid of the dispute as they often lock a whole table for the time it takes to update data, check constraints, update indexes, and trigger processes (if any). the subsequent questions should be answered: How big is big? there’s no hard and fast rule here. during a table without triggers or foreign keys, large might be 50,000, 100,000, or 1,000,000 rows. during a table with many constraints and triggers, large might be 2,000. the sole thanks to confirm that it’s a drag is to truly try it out, observe it, and respond accordingly.

    In addition to contention, large writes will cause large log file growth. Remember that whenever you write unusually large volumes of knowledge , you ought to keep an eye fixed on the transaction log and verify that you simply don’t run the danger of filling it, or worse, filling your physical storage location.

    We must consider that it’s to be taken under consideration that a lot of large write operations are going to be the results of our own work: software versions, data warehouse loading processes, ETL processes and other similar operations may have to write down an outsizes amount of knowledge , albeit done infrequently. We must remember that the priority of writing long documents is up to us to spot the extent of contention allowed to perform our tables before executing these processes. If we are loading an outsizes table during a maintenance window when nobody else is using it, then we are liberal to implement it using whatever strategy we would like . On the opposite hand, if things occurs where we are writing large amounts of knowledge during a busy production site, then we’ll need to reduce the rows modified per operation which might be an honest protection against contention.

    Common operations which will cause great writes are:

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    • Add a new column to a table and populate it across the table.
    • Update a column in an entire table.
    • Change the data type of the column. See the link at the end of the article for more information about it.
    • Import a large volume of new data.
    • Archive or delete a large volume of old data.

    This may rarely be a performance issue, but it’s important to know the consequences of very large writes because it is feasible to avoid major maintenance events or releases that explode the rails unexpectedly.

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