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    Why testing of backups is essential to DR strategy?

    When we are making strong DR strategy then testing of your automated daily backup should be one part of this strategy.

    Answer: A good DR strategy will protect you against loss of revenue, but testing your backups will protect you against loss of reputation!

    What is backup testing?

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    What is the purpose of backup testing?

    How often should you do backup testing?

    What are the advantages of doing backup testing?

    If these kinds of questions are in your mind then this is the right article for reading.

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    So what are the four key stacks, four key components to a good backup approach, I’ll try saying that again? So what are the four key elements to a good backup policy? They are automated, regulate, duplicate and rebuild, let’s make them one at a time. This is a very short video, but I’ll make it make sure you understand automate.

    Why is it important to automate the backups?

    Please don’t rely on somebody to go down to or push the button to start the backup every day, because some daylights it won’t happen, and that will be the day. It’S the existing legislation of cosmic calamity. That says that will be the day that the backup didn’t happen. The darkness before automating it. Computers are very good at repeat actions.

    Humans are not number to regulate what you’re backing up think about how much data you’re producing and how often you should back it up. Many people will time back up their data once a day. In the end. That’S the penalty! If you’ve got larger personnel of, say, 10 faculty or more.

    You might want to go to a backup at lunchtime and a backup at the end of the day because if you have a calamity at 3 o’clock in the afternoon at least, you’ve only lost three hours of work,  not the entire daylight. So just think about that, and if you don’t know, if you’re not sure the costs of recovering this data, there is a video on that that we’ve made also so subscribe to the channel. Next, you need to duplicate the data. Why do you need to repeat it? Many business owners are moving to cloud-based services and it’s a good thing to do.

    I’m not knocking cloud-based works, exactly don’t rely on it 100  %.  Why? Because when you upload the original extent of data, it was probably this much and from that moment on, you, remain including more data every day and this papa develops and grows and ripens and stretches and proliferates until eventually, a year down. The street you’ve got this much data that you need to recover now if you have a full trouble convalescence and you need to download all of this you’re probably far, you might have been out with download that highway over a few hours or even daylight. But this might take 3-4 daytimes so back up the data to a local hard drive and to the cloud,  not only one or the other, and that’s that the regional Drive will give you a quick restore.

    If you need to restore everything highly very quickly, you can do that from there and if you need to merely record recover one or two registers, instead of having to go to the safe and get the drive, you can actually just swiftly rebuild from the shadow. It doesn’t matter where you rebuild it from so long as you can restore it if you’ve got two copies of the backups going on your being as safe as you can. The fourth thing you are able to do is testing regenerate. This is probably the most important step in the whole strategy. You need to know that you can restore the data because the backup is only as good as what you can restore.

    That’S information, so to do that, it’s really quite simple., what we tend to do is we will rename a folder or a few cases records, rename them, and only applied the word test in front. So, let’s just use the example of a reports folder, for example, within the accounts folder you might have a folder called statements. So if you precisely rename the folder research statements it pretty much, when does that folder useless if anyone’s trying to access it? So you can’t do this while beings are working on the data, but let’s just imagine for a few moments, you’re going to do your assessment, rehabilitate you make sure all your accounts.

    People have gone home. Rename the folder experiment with a test invoice then goes to your backup. Software recovers the folder called debits and checks that the two are identical up to the moment of the backup. So if there’s anything that’s been created since the backup, clearly that’s going to be a difference. But you should have everything up to the last backup and they should be identical to that place at that.

    Once you’ve sanctioned it, you can delete the version that you’ve just restored and you are eligible to rename your invokes statement folder back from testing tone back to invoice and everybody’s none. The wiser and everything can carry on it’s a very crucial thing to do so much so that we do it every week now and for some of our purchasers once a month. It depends on how much data you’re looking to do it, and the other final caveat on that is. If you’re going to do the test, recovers make sure you do an exam, rehabilitates of different data each time schedule it establishes sure that you’ve got a observe somewhere. A remember in Outlook or whatever to make sure that you do a test regenerate every week or every month, whichever you decide, but please, satisfy make sure you test regenerate it’s the most important part of any backup strategy.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. I hope that members can be detected it informative, satisfy subscribe to this channel and if you’ve got any questions about backup or backup programs or any questions at all, merely slip us a line in the comments section on this video and we’ll be sure to answer them for you. For now, all that’s left, for me to say, is thanks for taking the time to read.


    The most common reason for data loss is human error. People make mistakes, and it can cost you dearly. If you are in any kind of business where your customers are relying on you to deliver a high-quality product or service, it is CRITICAL that you have a foolproof backup system in place.

    Backups prevent disasters. They provide peace of mind. Without them, you are playing Russian Roulette with your customer’s hard-earned money. Make sure you are included on all your customers’ backup plans.

    Having the right tools in your toolkit is CRUCIAL. If you don’t have the proper backup tools, you could lose your entire website and everything on it. There are many things you can do to avoid this situation. But there is no avoiding it entirely. So make sure you are protected.

    Traditional data recovery often focuses on getting the bad news fast and getting the data back on the primary drive as soon as possible. This is great if you only have one hard drive and you only have one catastrophic failure. However, it’s not so great when you have multiple hard drives with multiple backups. This can be a good thing. Multiple backups give you more chances to recover. It also helps you sleep better at night knowing that even if your primary hard drive dies, your data is safe in its secondary backups.

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