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    Oracle Database 12c New Features

    Oracle Database 12c New Features

    oracle 12c database new featuresOff course friends, Oracle 12c database has been launched before 2 months back. C stands for cloud computing in Oracle 12c database. Indeed, this new version launched with some new features and fixed with some old known bugs. Every new Oracle release is having some good new features and Oracle database 12c is having some good new features too. Most of excellent features are following.

    Following are some nice Oracle 12c Database New Features:

    Online data file movement:

    This feature helps you to rename, move active datafile online. It is very useful for database reorganization or any disk movement for managing space.

    Online table partition or sub-partition movement:

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    Now in Oracle database 12c, you can move table partition or sub-partition online while database is online and users are working. This is best feature of data warehousing database where space management concern and disk space becomes full.

    Invisible column:

    This is amazing new feature of Oracle 12c database because virtual column and invisible index was introduced in Oracle 11g but now latest version introduced invisible column. You can create table with invisible column and modify column as invisible too. Characteristic of invisible column is in simple SQL query where column doesn’t specify then you cannot see invisible column but if you would specify in your SQL statement then and only we are able to see this column and data.

    Multiple indexes on the same column:

    In Oracle 12c, creation of multiple indexes on same column is available. This feature doesn’t available in prior Oracle database version.

    DDL logging:

    This option helps you to audit every DDl command execution in database. Initialization parameter ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING=true helps to enable this feature and log file generates in Diag/rdbms/log location.

    Temporary undo generation:

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    This feature helps to eliminate unnecessary redo and undo generation of temporary segment usage. Using initialization parameter TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED, you can enable this option. Temporary undo will be generated in temporary tablespace instead of undo tablespace.

    New backup user privilege:

    SYSBACKUP privilege introduced to manage RMAN backup. This feature is helpful to provide SYSDBA to RMAN as security risk.

    RMAN a SQL execution:

    You can execute SQL and PL/SQL command from RMAN interface directly without any interrupt or prefix.

    Table level recovery in RMAN:

    RECOVER TABLE command introduced for RMAN table level recovery in Oracle 12c database.

    PGA size Restriction:

    Now you can put restriction of PGA sizing for expanding or minimizing with help of initialization parameter PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT.

    Table partition maintenance enhancements:

    You can add, drop, split, and truncate multiple partitions in same single SQL statement.

    Database upgrade improvements:

    New pre upgrade database activity there is new script available for verification of database upgrade called preupgrd.sql. During execution of this script and file upgrade_fixup.sql generated and you can fix up all database issues before proceeding for upgrading.

    Restore/Recover data file over the network:

    We can restore and recover data file, redo log file, control file from standby database through RMAN backup.

    Data Pump enhancements:

    We can suppress unnecessary archive log generation during datapump import using command TRANSFORM=DISABLE_ARCHIVE_LOGGING:Y. This feature boosts performance of import process.

    We can extract data from view to physical table using command views_as_tables=list of views:list of tables. This is useful option for data mart.

    Real-time ADDM:

    This feature is available if you are using Oracle Enterprise Manager Control. Using Emergency Monitoring option you can be able to populate real time ADDM.

    Concurrent statistics gathering:

    We can collect table, index statistics concurrently to gather.

    SQL Enhancements:

    Now we can use TRUNCATE TABLE CASCADE option with truncate table command. This DDL command truncate table and data from dependent object simultaneously.

    FETCH FIRST N ROWS ONLY option we can use to get first N rows from select statement.

    We can create session level sequence using session/global option in create sequence command.

    Pluggable and Container Database:

    One of the exclusive new features of Oracle database 12c is pluggable database and container database for reducing multiple databases and instances at time and reducing space management with memory management.

    There were more new features introduced for Oracle ASM, Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and Oracle GRID.

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