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    Home Database Technology Which version of Oracle database is more stable?

    Which version of Oracle database is more stable?


    Which version of the Oracle database is more stable finds out in your real experience working environment?

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    Which Oracle database version is more stable and secure?

    I have been working Oracle 7,oracle 8,oracle 8i,oracle 9i,oracle 10g,oracle 11g databases on different platforms like AIX,HP UX,Solaris,SCO Unix,Unixware,Red Hat Linux,Caldera Linux,Suse Linux, CentOS Linux and win2k.

    Of course, most Oracle versions found very stable and secure than the older version. But whenever if somebody asks this type of question I would always stick. Sometimes I found Oracle 7 was very best or sometimes found Oracle 8 was very stable and secure. Of course, I don’t forget about Oracle 8i means Oracle was very best and more powerful features. Or Oracle 9i means Oracle 9.2.0.x is very stable, unbeatable, and secure with extraordinary features.

    Kindly give your opinion in the following poll. It is free.

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    Thanks and regards,
    Gitesh Trivedi

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