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    New Features of Oracle Database 12c

    The blog post provides some new features of Oracle 12c database with brief detail about OLAP and OLTP databases characteristics.

    Some New Features of Oracle Database 12c

    In early July, Oracle released the new version of its database, Oracle 12c, the C indicates “Cloud” and also “Container”. It incorporates more than 500 improvements compared to the 11G R2 version.


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    Pluggable databases simplify the process of consolidating databases in the cloud, allowing you to manage many databases as one, without having to change your applications. Make each database connected to this new architecture, as a database standard data for applications. This architecture reduces resource consumption when updating databases, performing backups or recoveries. Offers virtually instant database provisioning and cloning.


    Oracle Database 12c introduces the new Automatic Data Optimization features.

    The HEAT MAP allows identifying the DBAs at the table and partition level, the most active data.

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    Smart compression will allow you to compress your data based on the activity and age of the data.


    Redaction allows you to protect private data, such as credit card numbers displayed in applications, without making major changes, hiding them during the operation time.

    It also includes Run-Time Privilege Analysis, which allows you to identify privileges and roles that are used, making it easier to revoke unnecessary privileges and thus reduce privileges without running the risk of stopping any functionality by revoking them.


    Global Data Services – Enables load balancing and fault tolerance for distributed database configurations.

    Data Guard Far Sync – Extends zero data loss standby protection over any distance and is not limited by latency.

    Application Continuity: it would complement the RACs. It would repeat failed transactions transparently.


    Oracle Database 12C and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C are integrated including the new multitenant architecture and data hiding.

    Oracle Real Application Testing will help customers validate upgrades and consolidation strategies by simultaneously testing and scaling actual production workloads.


    Oracle Database 12c enhances the capabilities of in-Database MapReduce for Big Data through SQL Pattern Matching that enables immediate and scalable discovery of business event sequences such as financial transactions, network logs, and business logs. a series of clicks.

    Data analysts will be able to better analyze business information and Big Data with new predictive algorithms in the database and with greater integration of open source R with Oracle Database 12c.


    Oracle databases could be classified based on the functionality, which you want to give:

    Online Transactional Processing (OLTP):

    database oriented to a large number of transactions in a short time. The response is fast and with data integrity when performing a large number of insertions, updates or deletions of records. It usually uses a relational model with normalized databases avoiding redundancies and inconsistencies. This is usually the most common data model.

    Online Analytic Processing (OLAP):

    Usually oriented to data analysis. The volume of transactions is small, but high volume of data. This type of database is oriented to the quick response of calculated data. They are usually used in Business Intelligence or Data Mining, for business forecasts, reports, … They usually use denormalized multidimensional models, although they could use relational models. As these types of databases are denormalized, they are prone to a great need for space.

    Usually OLTP types are used in databases with great need for transactions. OLAP databases collect this data through ETL processes in which extraction, transformation and loading, in order to later analyze the data.

    When you want to make a strong Oracle DBA career then you should be aware of database services and other database technology. Without having knowledge of Oracle internals, Oracle performance tuning, and skill of Oracle database troubleshooting you can’t be an Oracle DBA expert.

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