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    Why Oracle ERP?

    On hearing the word Oracle the first thing comes to the mind is its databases those have captured maximum market share and have proved to be one of the best products in the market. Oracle itself has been enjoying its success and the goodwill which the company earned largely due to these products. Let’s see the major advantages and disadvantages of using this business application in Oracle ERP review.

    Oracle developed ERP suite on Oracle apps framework which was expected to be the best as company claims to be one of the largest enterprise solution provider company. The Oracle business suite uses Oracle database which in turn gives the buyer the best database and its benefits. The user interface of the suite is in two types Oracle forms and self service application which is an HTML based solution. Data security is highly reliable and data interaction is exceptionally fast which makes this suite very reliable and convenient. Another advantage of oracle business suite is for those companies who prefer to switch on ERP by taking one step after another rather than switching on the whole organization at one go.

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    Oracle business suite is an integrated application of number of Oracle applications which also provide specific solutions like Oracle finance, HRMS etc. Easy connectivity and lower costs are incurred while compared to other ERP solutions if any company opts for migrating on to an ERP step by step. Easy installation and customization is another feature of this product. Oracle has good market rapport for providing better services to its customers. Reporting tool of this suite is another feature that gives an edge to this product over its competitors.

    Oracle CRM on demand is its answer to SaaS industry, it is composed of salesforce automation, marketing and customer support functions. The biggest advantage of Oracle CRM on demand is that it comes from a company which understands back office automation. Thus it translates into the best integration of CRM with other core ERP applications.

    Let’s see the major features of this business application in Oracle ERP review. Oracle provides pre built integration systems to Oracle ERP and an integration engine that allows its users to build their own integration with non Oracle systems. The sales force automation system is solid and improves productivity of sale representative by providing usual data linked to any account like account status, contact, leads, sales orders etc. The latest development and unique feature of Oracle CRM on demand is its connectivity to some social networking sites like Linked in and Facebook which is not available in other CRM applications. This facility can be used by using simple search tools from with in the CRM application itself.

    Project fusion is underway in Oracle to provide best of Oracle ERP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and Siebel which will after successful completion certainly produce one of the best ERP solutions in the market. With this fusion Oracle shall be able to remove some shortcomings of its products like its connectivity with other databases and also lack of proper API’s which hinders its connectivity with legacy systems.

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    The ease of use is also missing in Oracle ERP solution which is needed to be rectified, its inability to provide easy to use, proper windows UI with facilities of drag and drop and multi window is one of the weaknesses of this product.

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