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    Oracle ERP Software Review

    The blog post explains honest review of Oracle ERP also called as Oracle E-business suite in all features.

    Oracle is one of the giants of ERP software industry with more than 6 million customers all over the world, though all of them are not ERP users, but still Oracle holds a leading place in the industry. Oracle has taken over JD Edwards and PeopleSoft at different stages of its growth path which has improved the versatility of the company in terms of providing solutions to the organizations.

    After acquiring JD Edwards and PeopleSoft it released advanced and enhanced versions with a focus of providing complete ERP solutions. Oracle E-business suite is a set of applications developed with in-depth functionality of different departments of the organization, these applications can interact with each other to form a strong and robust platform with latest facilities. Other solutions provided by Oracle in lines with ERP solutions are JD Edwards world and Oracle fusion applications. Oracle fusion applications are independently working applications targeting a particular aspect of organizations like CRM, SCM, etc which can be even integrated together to provide compact and complete solution to the user.

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    Oracle ERP solutions are often criticized for their un-integrated application architecture with different applications tied together to provide one single solution. JD Edwards and PeopleSoft now have many applications attached to the main software, developed at Oracle after their acquisition, to make the product suitable for the needs of the organization and serve the purpose of a full fledged ERP solution. Oracle E business suite is also an integration of such specialized applications knitted together to form a large application. The expertise and undoubtedly best database at the backend of these applications serves well to overcome the deficits of such integration and provides reliability and speed to storage and retrieval activities performed by these applications. Interaction with legacy systems and other popular systems is another feature of Oracle ERP which makes it easy to adopt and use.

    After taking over Sun Microsystems, Oracle ERP software has also received a shot in the arm to boost up quality and reliability of its services. The SOA architecture in its true sense is the basic feature of this solution. Integration and communication amongst different applications and with legacy systems provide flexibility and easier implementation and operation. The applications have in-depth functionality to suit and serve organizations of different size and industry with industry specific solutions. Most reliable data storage system makes the circle complete and serves in the best possible way. Disintegrated architecture of Oracle ERP is best suited for Oracle on demand model and Oracle ERP appears to be most suitable solution for midsized and small companies in terms of investment and facilities.

    However if the formation of Oracle ERP software is claimed to be as its weakness, people at Oracle rebound this criticism by claiming and proving over and over as its biggest strength. With Oracle’s own servers and other related facilities dropping in, today Oracle has released biggest version in terms of new functions and features. Providing one single application to serve the purpose of providing ERP solution to organizations is a far off thing and most of ERP vendors are giving up this thought now. With this Oracle ERP seems to be in much better position than others.

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