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    A Simple Guide to Data Security

    The article explains about risks and black-holes of database security and how to eliminate those risks.

    A Simple Guide to Database Security for a Company Website

    As time passes by, the concern about data breaches increases day by day. This has come to light when the hotshot brands have been the victims of a huge data breach which has cost them a fortune. So, if the data breaches cannot have mercy over the big companies, what will they even spare when it comes to the small ones? So, without further ado, you as a business owner should take a few initiatives to protect yourself from such data losses. Secure the database to keep the risk of data breaches and losses at bay.

    Risks to Your Database:

    According to the experts, many companies have been the victims of data loss every day since 2013. Your company website is prone to a plethora of risks, which involve both physical and intentional technical glitches. Other threats include:

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    1. Denial of service (DoS)

    Due to Denial of Service (DoS), the buffer overflows. This is one of the most common threats to your database. It is also caused by data corruption. When this attack happens, it also causes the servers to crash and the data becomes inaccessible.

    1. Privilege Escalation

    This is one of the gravest threats to your database. It can cause total chaos in your company. It makes your database vulnerable to data loss, malicious addition of data, and modification.

    1. Buffer Overflow

    In this, one of the most common threats, a program can precipitate this by trying to copy a load of data in a buffer which leads to overflow. This makes the memory prone to overwriting of data. And, just in case the attack happens at this time, it will cause mayhem on our website.

    Important Factors in Database Protection Solution:

    Some factors you should keep in mind while considering database protection:

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    • Database Activity Monitoring (DAM): This is one of the most important factors to consider while securing your database. Remote DBA services consider this while protecting your system. DAM is quite essential as it monitors and directs everything that is ongoing in your database like sending future alerts, or any alerts about anything suspicious like data leakage, or any unauthorized person working on the IP address etc. It makes it easy to know who is accessing the database at any particular time.
    • Compliance: Different companies have different standards and the mode of protection you install must be in adherence to such standards. The main aim of the compliance requirements is mostly dedicated to real-time monitoring.
    • Duty Separation: The database should only be accessible to those who are assigned the tasks related to the data stored in it. A strong protection system should have the ability to make it possible to have control over access based on the original task. You can protect your database from any breaches by limiting its accessibility to it.
    • Data Masking: No matter if the business is big or small, the risk of data loss threatens everybody. It is vital to protect against it by implementing every strategy possible. Data masking produces useless data to avoid free access, even by remote DBA support.
    •  Encryption: Encryption is the oldest trick in the book. It focuses on saving you a lot of trouble. You can encrypt every letter or number in the database, just in case, if someone unauthorized tries to access it. There are various levels of encryption process which is entirely dependent on the type of data you have stored. You can also encrypt the data before it reaches the other party. The other parties may need some kind of authentication credential if they want to access it on their end.

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