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    Cause and Solution of Error ORA-00600 with arguments [17020]

    What is the root cause and solution of Error ORA-00600 with arguments [17020] with error ORA-30757 and ORA-02063?

    This kind of error does not harm any data corruption or data loss. Generally, this kind of error is occurring due to parameter does not change of advanced queueing.

    But you should need to check Oracle support first using ORA-600 lookup tool. You should not be neglecting this kind of any ORA-00600 errors. Sometimes due to this kind of error, your database may be terminated with the end-of-communication channel.

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    For every kind of ORA-600 and ORA-7445 errors, you should need to approach Oracle support because these kinds of errors occur due to Oracle database bug or operating system bug. Generally, you won’t get an Oracle bug related to any error during your daily routine database operation. When your application touches any bug that time you would get bug related error. In this case, your Datapump export used an advanced queue feature of Oracle and resulting in an encounter of Oracle bug.

    Open the support ticket is very important for solving this kind of serious error. But sometimes you can resolve some errors using a simple workaround or solution.

    Recently we got the following error.

    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [17020], [0x09F8E7380], [], [], [], [], [], []

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    ORA-30757: cannot access type information

    ORA-02063: preceding line from …

    Wed Jun 08 06:32:22 2019

    Trace dumping is performing id=[cdmp_30205320192119]

    Wed Jun 08 06:32:23 2019

    kwqbcsrmsg: Timeout contacting inst 1 for buffered oper 1,

    IPC ret status=36

    queue = SYS KUPC$C_1_30205320192119

    Wed Jun 08 06:32:41 2019

    kwqbcsrmsg: Timeout contacting inst 1 for buffered oper 1,

    Cause of Error:

    Cause of this ORA-00600 error with arguments [17020] , ORA-30757, and ORA-02063 because of the inti parameter AQ_TM_PROCESSES is set to 0 because it has a default value and we are not using advanced queue feature of the database. Unfortunately, Oracle database’s feature Datapump uses this feature and it needs to set at least 1 value.


    Set AQ_TM_PROCESSES= 1 it will solve your above ORA-600 error.

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