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ORA-00600 is always annoying Oracle DBA. Of course, it does. Because always it has different symptoms with different version of Oracle. Some time it occurs due to Oracle bug and some time it occurs due to database corruption. It doesn’t have same reason, cause or resolution for different version of Oracle databases.

ORA-00600 lookup tool is best utility to general cause of error but it doesn’t provide full picture or reason of error. Means you should need to raise support ticket (service request) to Oracle Support. Without Oracle support, you can’t able to resolve this issue. Yes, for memory leakage or some minor issue, you can fix using parameter changes or hidden parameter modification but you can’t do it regular basis.

Due to this reason, an excellent article has been published at our site called ORA-00600 is annoying database dba in our Oracle DBA tips section for guiding database dba community.

Constant remote monitoring and using exclusive Database Support, you can eliminate typical and mysterious ORA errors.