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    What is SQL and what are SQL versions

    Hi Friends,

    Today we are discussing different topics called what is SQL and what are the SQL versions. If these questions is being asked to any DBA or Developer then can anybody will be able to answer?

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    Due to this reason, We are publishing the article to explain everything about SQL. From the start to different kinds of SQL versions and explaining the usage of SQL with characteristics.

    Sometimes this same question is being raised during a technical interview and we are unable to give a proper answer for this. This is very easy to understand SQL is the main and important language to insert, modify, delete, retrieve data into the database, and from the database.

    For more detail of the article kindly check our Oracle DBA tips section there are a lot of other useful articles that are also available. Article What is SQL and What are the SQL versions?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Expert database services team of Dbametrix Solutions

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