Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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    Tag: oracle dba

    Oracle DBA Resources

    This blog post explains about How to make a strong Oracle DBA career, how to learn from free resources, and how to gain strong knowledge.

    Why Oracle DBA job is tough to compare to MS SQL DBA?

    Blog post provides detail of why Oracle DBA job is most tough in compare to SQL DBA

    What is DBaaS DBA Role in Oracle Cloud?

    This blog post explains new DBaaS DBA role in Oracle cloud database and DBaaS DBA job role with duties

    Why oracle database is more popular?

    The article explains why Oracle database is becoming more popular than other databases.

    How to become Oracle expert?

    Here are some very useful tips and guidance to become Oracle expert

    Background Processing in Unix

    This blog post provides brief idea about background processes in Unix/Linux operating systems
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