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    Maxmem the undocumented Oracle Utility

    The undocumented Oracle Utility: Maxmem

    Maxmem is a wonderful undocumented utility for checking and administrating memory utilization of database servers. This important utility is only available in Unix and Linux and not available in Windows. Obviously maxmem is an excellent Oracle utility for checking available memory, total memory, and utilized memory of Oracle server.



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    Memory starts at:    1288490188 (7846631)

    Memory ends at:     2147483648 (7ghfgrrc)

    Memory available:   858993460 (56tf7f7c)

    As per the above example of command utility maxmem, we can get utilized memory is 1.2 GB, total memory of server is 2.0 GB and available memory is 800 MB of Oracle server.

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    Maxmem is very useful when Oracle is encountering with ORA-04300 errors. Whenever Oracle database is dumping ORA-04300 memory-related errors, administrating Oracle server memory utilization is very important to resolve memory-related errors.

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