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    This blog post explains about How to make a strong Oracle DBA career, how to learn from free resources, and how to gain strong knowledge.

    Oracle DBA Resources for Learning and grow up

    I have been working with Oracle for a couple of years and for about one I have been thinking that I will be a DBA when I grow up.

    Like anyone approaching a new topic for the first time, I immediately looked for documentation that could clarify the various aspects of Oracle.
    In my experience, the main sources of information are:

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    • * colleagues (very useful to be able to ask directly to those who know more)
      * books (old printed paper is always a good place to start)
      * Internet

    After having bothered some willing colleagues with all my doubts (forgive me) and seeing that the role of DBA fascinated me more and more, I began to literally leaf through hundreds of pages in PDF format on the most disparate topics that revolve around this RDBMS, subscribe to forums, mailing lists, Facebook groups, etc. All this allowed me, from time to time, to solve problems of various kinds, for example, related to the installation of Oracle Database Server, or to the management of backups, or even to the execution of SQL queries for the generation of reports and so on. Away, but I always had the feeling that I was missing a neater path (from the DBA’s point of view, as always) like:


    Unfortunately, this led me to have to pick up the same things many times because maybe I discovered that I had not studied and deepened them sufficiently previously, or because I discovered a document that I should have studied before losing, in fact, a lot of time.

    With this post, I intend to create a sort of abecedary (see image at the beginning of the post) useful for approaching Oracle and its documentation in an orderly way.

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    1) BASICS OF ORACLE: Oracle Database Concepts is the official Oracle document that explains the very foundations of the famous RDBMS

    2) INSTALLATION: in this case, an entire section of the Oracle documentation (always version 10.2 of the DBMS) comes to the rescue. It is not necessary to read all the documents proposed (there are really many), but it is sufficient to choose the suitable one based on your hw (32/64 bit) and sw (Microsoft Windows, FNU / Linux, Solaris, etc.) platform

    3) DATABASE CREATION: the fundamental guide to refer to (and also the most technical) is the one called Administrator’s Guide

    4) BACKUP MANAGEMENT: you can find the relative section (Backup and Recovery) on the homepage of the documentation relating to Oracle Database Server 12.2 through the “Administration” tab

    5) PERFORMANCE TUNING: topic covered by the “Performance Tuning Guide” on how to configure and monitor the performance of the Oracle Database Server

    The points indicated above constitute, in my opinion, the wealth of knowledge that should belong to the figure of the DBA and from which to start before becoming interested in other aspects of this powerful and complex RDBMS.

    When you want to make a strong Oracle DBA career then you should be aware of database services and other database technology. Without having knowledge of Oracle internals, Oracle performance tuning, and skill of Oracle database troubleshooting you can’t be an Oracle DBA expert. This expert DBA Team club blog always provides you latest technology news and database news to keep yourself up to date. You should need to be aware of Cloud database technology like DBaaS. All Oracle DBA tips are available in a single unique resource at our orageek. Meanwhile, we are also providing some sql tutorials for Oracle DBA. This is the part of Dbametrix Group and you would enjoy more advanced topics from our partner resource.

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