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    How to Get Your First Job as an Oracle DBA?

    As I stated previously, the DBA professional must always be updated. And that can make all the difference when it comes to getting your first job. In addition to technical knowledge, companies choose professionals with a college degree and advanced English. In addition, even if controversial, certification is still considered a market differential.

    So, even if grudgingly, there is the importance of certification in the career of a DBA. Soon, in the next articles, we will talk a little about the possible certifications, the easiest and most complex ones. The fact is that Opportunities for DBA exist and if you want to be prepared for when they arise, you definitely need to study hard.

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    Now, to be able to answer this question that is in the title of our article, we will need to understand how the classification of the levels of the Oracle DBA professional is done in most companies.

    Try to Get the First Oracle Junior DBA Job:

    So, to get the First Job as a DBA and follow this market trajectory, we will define what are the requirements most demanded by the company when hiring an Oracle Junior DBA. Recalling that for this vacancy, large companies prefer professionals who have completed internships, in the order above.

    These are the basic items that companies normally require during a job search. But what would the basic tasks of a Database be? Below is the answer to your question:

    Know Startup and Shutdown database instances,

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    Know how to export and import data, back up the database and restore the database.

    Knowledge of General Database Architecture,

    Knowledge in Performance Tuning, Security, Mission Critical Environments and Migration.

    Interpersonal Functions of a Junior DBA:

    If you have not yet qualified in all of these topics, know that there are fewer specific vacancies, with fewer requirements. It is common to see ads for DBA with a single requirement.

    Like most vacancies available in Brazil, companies – whether multinational or small – have valued the interpersonal aspects of the professional. In other words, in addition to the disciplinary and technical aspects, to be able to enter the job market it is necessary to have proactivity and a spirit of teamwork.

    The number of opportunities in the market for a DBA:

    The Labor Market has a great demand for DBA’s, but few professionals are available. This is what the experts say and the statement is made based on the profession that is coveted, but that requires a lot of dedication from the student.

    These openings can be found on job search sites like as LinkedIn, Monster, Naukri. For example, we did a search and found 222 DBA vacancies across the USA , and for comparison, we also looked for IT – which is a broader area – and found almost 4796 thousand opportunities.

    If we are frank – and a little optimistic – you can see that the role of DBA has become necessary today in the 21st century. And why you already know: we are in the Information Age and we have never – in human history – shared so much data, with internet searches, social networks and apps, for example.

    Oh, and if you are a DBA and have heard that your role is not important, remember that a company can go bankrupt, literally, for errors in the management of your data. Therefore, and without a doubt, this is a market that only tends to grow.

    How Knowledge of Networking will make a Difference:

    Creating a network of contacts, just like on LinkedIn, is very important for professionals in any IT area. The subjects, being more specific, tend to be “hidden” in blog forums and websites. And from there, opportunities can also arise. That is why it is recommended that DBA establish a network of contacts with other professionals in the same area.

    It is worth starting as a PL / SQL developer and then becoming a DBA:

    And, whether by location or lack of opportunity, sometimes, the professional does not find a job vacancy he wants, so the following question arises: ” It is worth starting as a PL / SQL developer and then becoming a DBA ?

    They are exclusive database developers, and their main activity is to create APIs that optimize and extract data. It takes very specific knowledge, in a restricted area. The result is that this professional has a great responsibility and should have a proportional salary. However, some companies still do not see the need for this profession, which in my opinion is a big mistake.

    The DBA, as we have seen before, needs to study and know everything possible about DBMSs (Database Management Systems). Now, one of these databases is Oracle.

    So, it is very simple. A PL / SQL analyst in many places is considered to be the DBA, but with much more in-depth expertise in developing applications for the Oracle Database.

    But then, is it worth it or not, to start as a Developer and then become a DBA?

    That is an answer that only you can give. Everything will depend on your taste for some development or administration and, of course, the opportunities that the market will suggest. Obviously, it will also depend on the salary that the functions have and the need of the company that will hire you. By the way, our next article will be about the salaries of these professionals, be sure to read!

    Now, I would like to know if this article helped you with anything. If so then leave a comment below so that we can chat. If you found it useful, how about using one of our share buttons to show this article to your friends? It helps us write even more and conveys our message to more people.

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