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    What is DBaaS DBA Role in Oracle Cloud?

    The role of Oracle DBAs has been constantly evolving past the 1990s. For a long duration of time, around the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the deal has been quite different, but not easy for sure. That has grown to become substantially different today, but not easy, and maybe something totally new in the next two decades. Having moved from hardware-major to software-major and to interdisciplinary responsibilities, DBaaS comprises of new things. If you are thinking of getting into this field as a professional, this article is for you. Also, it might have something for the veterans as well. Who knows?

    Evolving But Not Easy – The Cloud

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    In an over-simplistic manner, a cloud is referred to as a computer in someone else’s home or the internet. Yet, the change that has propelled DBAs to shift their focus is nothing but the cloud. Their services, their security protocols, maintenance, delivering throughput, and a constant source of the trade-off between budget and performance, is key. A lot is changing rapidly, because of automation. The cloud is the bearer of the same.

    A lot of information can be taken directly from the speech and answers of Penny Avril, the Vice President of Product Management at Oracle Server Technology Division. She mentioned some important and key points that we must talk about to figure out the relevance of this article. You can find those talks from 2017, and also from more recent Analytics and Data Summit 2018. They all cover the same concerns that DBAs have been having for quite a while. Do we need any more DBAs? Is automation of databases the sole future? Is it getting hard or easier for people to work with databases? These are a few questions that will shed some light on the changing role of DBA and DbaaS.

    What is DBaaS?

    The database as a service is a strong concept that is related directly to the cloud. As organizations have been shifting towards cloud and avoiding partial or complete residence of databases on-premise, the industry is exploding. However, according to her, as DbaaS, your role is now more than monitoring and securing the database on your premise. This makes DBAs of today not just keepers and guards of the databases, but play more strategic roles like the analysis. The new version shall replace traditional DBAs with automated sharing, monitoring, and keeping up using sophisticated database systems or software. There will be more key decisions to be taken and that would need human interference indeed. So, it is really time to shift gears to a reality based on cloud and databases as service.

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    This service is offered by third-party vendors and held together in the cloud managed by some other third-party vendor. All an organization has to do is employ some DBAs to extract information, analyze and do real stuff. With more data, digital disruption is coming and the only way to tackle that is through huge infrastructure, and this cannot be managed simply on-premise. This is a reality, no matter how big a company you might be. There have to be shared resources that are used when needed and exploited for needs. From social media to IoT, everything is leading to data explosion according to Avril. Thus, her notion is that Oracle can help with introducing automation as soon as possible. The faster it is possible, the better.

    What the DBAs shouldn’t be Thinking?

    The current population of DBAs who are still on the force and worried about this change must realize that traditional roles as a DBA aren’t going anywhere or their values are not being underestimated. The introduction of automation is a need that cannot be accomplished using the traditional approach anymore. Thus, the DBAs must reconsider that they have more important roles to play. The data is the key to businesses, stakeholders, and their own benefit. It needs a more modern approach and that is what this is all about. The idea is not to undermine the efforts or skills of DBAs or remove them. Those who wish to move forward must embrace the new technology and acquire skills. And, contribute to the shift in making things faster so that we are future-ready. According to Avril, “This information has enormous value and its own capital worth. The importance and the value of DBAs aren’t going away, but they really need to embrace the changing role.” This directly means that the experience and skills are not un-required or useless. It is still useful for various reasons and database services are a part of it. The remote connectivity is the first thing one may notice about these services, and that is not much different from earlier work methodology.

    Key Decisions are Made by DBAs

    The DBAs have to take strategic decisions like mending their sources and taking the right step. They will need to understand the needs of the organization and simply select those services from vendors. Instead of doing all installation and security checks and monitoring like a guardian, they can now do other important jobs. These jobs will be significant in generating revenue and making mundane tasks simpler or maybe, eliminating them completely after all. A DBA is then responsible for the value and worth the data has and gathering insights from the same. Being able to offer the resources for research and analysis, maintaining the pipeline and more these roles make DBaaS a simplified tool for DBAs to take advantage of. As an Oracle Cloud DBA or DBaaS DBA, you should need to take decisions of hardware, software, platform, network, storage using your knowledge and requirement of your other teams.

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