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    Why oracle database is more popular?

    Why oracle database is more popular?

    Oracle is the shining start in computer database solution providers. Their products such as oracle 8i, 9i up to the 11g are designed to provide effective and efficient database management solutions. A number of other solutions providers such as Microsoft with their SQL products are chasing Oracle product for a long time. But till today there is allot of catching up to do. Oracle database has successfully produced solutions that will require minimum investment and will provide a complete database management solution. Their products are durable, trustworthy, crash free, effective, and efficient and put less load in the process and server itself.

    Oracle database is more popular because it has been developed by the world’s largest and respected enterprise solution provider and software company. Till today this manufacturer has launched a series of database products and unlike most products their products are interconnected to each other. All their previous products are compatible with every version. It is easier to manage and to upgrade to newer versions. A number of clients have appreciated this impressive feature. So in case of upgrade of system all the data will be transferred with the custom search queries. This is an invectives that made this product very popular.

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    Along with improved functionality and reliability oracle products also accompany comprehensive user manuals for assistance and trouble shooting. Along with interactive help you can use these manuals to effect in case of emergencies. Competition in the shape of SQL has also provided these manuals but surveys have proven that they are complex and sometimes confusing. This gives an edge to Oracle products. These products also ensure of improved performance every time a new version hits the market. This company reacts to previous system glitches in an aggressive manner and will fix the errors with launch of new system.

    Durability of this system is known to every large commercial and corporate companies. All of big names have adopted this solution and they also recommend this system to a number of their clients. Durability of this system leads to the improved stability and less crashes. Oracle also released another dynamic product with the name of Oracle EBS. Better known as the Electronic Business Solution. This is a dynamic easy to use system targeted for businesses ventures of all sizes and structures. This smart solution requires you to invest minimum amount because it can be controlled and managed by a single site.

    Single site operation capability makes this system very effective and efficient. So if you have a business and you want to maintain and operate a single database system then this is the product for you. This system has challenged products such as ERP. CRM, SCM are some of the products that are offered with the new Oracle EBS. EBS will provide solutions for your business financials, human resource management, logistics, order management and transportation management requirements. All the data will be stored under new management system. Effectiveness of this system has already generated a long list of satisfied customers.

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