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    How to drop Oracle RAC database manually?

    Hi Friends,

    Today we are discussing how to drop Oracle RAC database with Oracle RAC instances manually.

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    Take Example:
    Our Oracle RAC database name is RACDB
    Our Oracle RAC instances are 2 and both names RAC1 and RAC2.

    Dropping Oracle RAC database step by step as follows:

    1) First, use the command line and Stop database using srvctl command.
    srvctl stop database -d RACDB

    2) Now remove the database entry from crs (Cluster Ready Services)
    srvctl remove instance -d RACDB -i RAC1

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    srvctl remove instance -d RACDB -i RAC2

    srvctl remove database -d RACDB

    3) After finishing above steps, Start the database on first instance using sqlplus.
    SQL> startup

    SQL> alter system set cluster_database=false scope=spfile;

    SQL> alter system set cluster_database_instances=1 scope=spfile;

    SQL> alter database disable thread 2;

    4) Delete the unwanted thread and redo logfiles. Thread 1 is for active instance and other is for another instance. Drop all redo group of other thread. Ex: Group 4,5,6 are for other thread then drop as follows.

    SQL> select thread#, group# from v$log;

    SQL> alter database drop logfile group 4;

    SQL> alter database drop logfile group 5;

    SQL> alter database drop logfile group 6;

    5) Drop the unwanted undo tablespace

    SQL> drop tablespace UNDOTBS2 including contents and datafiles; create pfile from spfile;

    SQL> shut immediate

    After shutdowning Oracle database kindly ensure to “shutdown immediate” command should need to use. Don’t use “shutdown abort”

    7) Now start database again in mount stage

    SQL>startup mount restrict

    8) Drop database

    SQL>drop database;

    Your Oracle RAC database will be dropped with Oracle RAC instance smoothly.

    All the best.


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    1. Hi Tejas,

      Specially when we are providing remote Oracle RAC dba support because during remote dba support work we use only command line not using GUI.

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