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    GUI DBCA tool the error code “Exception:TNS-04414

    This blog post explains what is the solution of error Exception:TNS-04414 with root cause.

    Deprecated Initialization Parameter in Oracle 12c Release 2

    There are lots of parameters deprecated in Oracle 12c. Here are list of those initialization parameters.

    Oracle 12c Database Installation

    Article provides step by step installation guide of Oracle 12c database. Useful for DBA and developer

    Solutions Associated With Oracle Backup and Recovery

    Some basic ideas about Oracle backup and recovery planning as per business requirement.

    Compression in Datapump of Oracle 11g

    New feature - compression in datapump in Oracle 11g detailing and usages.

    Background Processing in Unix

    This blog post provides brief idea about background processes in Unix/Linux operating systems

    Oracle 10g New Features

    This blog post about Top 10 Oracle 10g new features

    select for update

    This blog post provides some detail about select for update in Oracle

    EMCTL Oracle Enterprise Manager Control Utility

    Emctl very useful command reference for managing Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid.

    Oracle 11g new security feature for authentication restriction

    Oracle 11g new security feature called Authentication Attempts Restriction Oracle tool

    Database character set conversion pre-checks Oracle utility

    Detailing about Pre-checks Oracle utility about database character set conversion for upgrade or migration.

    ORA-01045: user SCOTT lacks CREATE SESSION privilege

    Detail explanation about solution of ORA-01045 error and root cause detailing
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