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    Daily backup of Schema Scheduling

    The article explains how to schedule the daily export backup of schema with date and time in the dump file.

    Daily Backup Schema using an Export utility

    Till now, I used to take my backups using EXP utility on a scheduled basis.

    But the main issue was when the backup script executes it to overwrite existing backups and this way I have only the last backup available. If I need the backups before the last backup, then I have to manually copy my DMP file to some other place before the backup script overwrites the last backup.

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    To solve this issue I did a little trick, I have Windows 2003 server on my server.

    I made a .bat file in which I write my EXP command and put it into the scheduler of Oracle 10g.

    set gog=%date%
    set gog2=%gog: =-%
    set gog=%gog2%
    set gog2=%gog:/=-%
    set gog=%gog2%
    Exp test/test FILE=C:\3AMNEO”%gog%”.DMP LOG=C:\3AMNEO”%gog%”.LOG

    This script will generate.DMP file like

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    log file like


    i.e. data and day is appended with the .DMP and .LOG file every day.

    This solves the overwrite issue.

    Let’s understand how this works.

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>echo %date%
    Wed 10/08/2008

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>set gog=%date%

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>echo %gog%
    Wed 10/08/2008

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>set gog2= %gog: =-%

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>echo %gog2%

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>set gog=%gog2:/=-%

    C:\Documents and Settings\dbametrix>echo %gog%

    Now the question is why i use this trick can we work like ?

    Exp test/test FILE=C:\3AMNEO”%date%”.DMP LOG=C:\3AMNEO”%date%”.LOG

    The answer is NO


    When the date appends with dump file space after a day like Wed 10/08/2008 is treated as a new parameter, and it doesn’t work, so I need to do this work.

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