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    Oracle DBA Interview Questions

    Finally, latest 4th edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions released today.

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    “Oracle DBA Interview Questions with exclusive real time scenario based and most advance topics.”

    Ultimate Quick reference book and Oracle DBA Interview Questions type book was launched 2 years back by which was written by Gitesh Trivedi. The latest release 4th has been launched today by Gitesh Trivedi through

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    First one question raised in your mind that why we need Oracle DBA Interview Questions. Of course, if you are fresher, and you’re still not facing any Oracle interviews then you would not be able to understand this. Once you got a chance to appear in Oracle DBA Interview, then you immediately understand.

    Every company has a different environment of Oracle databases. Some databases are run on different Oracle versions and various operating system platforms. Every database has different kinds of applications, and applications are also different in every company. The interviewer is trying to search for their own reflection on every candidate. If the interviewer is having a good experience, then you can guess how he get his own reflection from you. It is quite impossible. New features always are introduced in the newer release of the Oracle version. Due to this reason, day by day Oracle DBA tasks are becoming more complex and difficult.

    Oracle Backup recovery and performance tuning tasks are depending on real-time disasters and issues. Oracle troubleshooting issues are more complex in various platforms with different kinds of applications and Oracle versions. Due to these reasons, real-time scenario-based Oracle DBA Interview Questions are very common in every Oracle job interview. The interviewer tries to satisfy his or her query as per real-time incidents that occurred in past in their environment. Naturally, the interviewee candidate could not aware of this situation, or he didn’t face this kind of issue in his career. Finally, the interviewee doesn’t able to understand the exact interview question or if understood then not able to provide a correct reply. This means the interview taker doesn’t satisfy with the candidate’s knowledge (even though he or she has good knowledge).

    Every time, one question was raised by the interviewer during the technical interview and after getting a reply to the same question, a new question would be raised from the candidate’s last reply. This is routine in every interview.

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    To avoid, these all situations, the latest new edition of Oracle DBA Interview Questions was published yesterday. It is very handy for all IT communities because you can use this book as a dual weapon, as a quick reference guide to sharpening your skills and as Oracle Interview Questions survival guide for clearing the toughest Oracle DBA Interviews. For IT managers, this book is very useful because they are able to ask tricky and intelligent questions to candidate and analyze candidate’s skills for choosing the most suitable team player or team leader for their DBA team.

    Accurate oracle DBA interview questions and answers and appropriate oracle dba interview questions answers & explanations are very rarely found on the internet. Because if you find out anything those are very old and outdated.

    Oracle DBA Interview Questions:

    Author Gitesh Trivedi is having 15+ years of experience and worked with various companies as Oracle recruitment consultancy.  He is Oracle certified DBA in Oracle 11g,10g,9i,8i,8,7 with Unix system administrator. He has vast technical expertise in maintaining very large and highly available databases.

    You can find out sample chapters and more details from site or by following link.

    When you want to make a strong Oracle DBA career then you should be aware of database services and other database technology. Without having knowledge of Oracle internals, Oracle performance tuning, and skill of Oracle database troubleshooting you can’t be an Oracle DBA expert.

    This expert DBA Team club blog always provides you latest technology news and database news to keep yourself up to date. You should need to be aware of Cloud database technology like DBaaS. All Oracle DBA tips are available in a single unique resource at our orageek. Meanwhile, we are also providing some sql tutorials for Oracle DBA. This is the part of Dbametrix Group and you would enjoy more advanced topics from our partner resource.

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