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    What is the importance of SQL

    Network programs are now larger and more flexible. More often than not, the basic scheme of operations is mostly a combination of scripts that manage control of a database.
    Due to the diversity of languages ​​and existing databases, the way we “converse” between us can often be complicated and challenging, fortunately for us, the presence of standards that allow us to perform the usual procedures through ‘a very broad form makes this possible confusion of work simpler.

    This is the focus of the Structured Query Language (SQL), which is nothing more than an international standard communication language for databases. That’s why structured query language (SQL) is a standardized language that allows us to implement any language, for example. ASP or PHP, in conjunction with any specific database, e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access.

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    SQL was manufactured by IBM during the 1970s, initially called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language). Years later, Microsoft and Oracle also began using SEQUEL. Its global recognition and use grew and then the term SEQUEL was changed. In 1986, the term SEQUEL was standardized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in SQL. In other words, they separated the “English” world from the term.

    To this day, many users refuse to refer to it as SQL, for these people, SEQUEL is certainly the right name for this standardized international database language. SQL was further revised in 1989 and then in 1992 (SQL-92). Since then, SQL has undergone many revisions to improve its standardization.

    SQL is an international standard language, but that does not mean it is similar to every database. Believe it or not, some databases perform particular functions that will not always run on others. This is why all companies that supply database products, for example, Microsoft and Oracle, have their certification process ensuring that those who take the certification exam are very well prepared and understand the differences between the different SQL models. Your knowledge is focused on your specific version of SQL.

    SQL is not simply relevant because of the ability to normalize an otherwise confusing language, but it provides two other unique features. On the one hand, it is tremendously flexible and powerful. On the other hand, it is very accessible, which makes it easier to master.

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    There are many database products support SQL, but two of the largest and most widely used are the Microsoft SQL Server and the Oracle Database.
    Every company that offers database product has its way to becoming an “expert”. For example, Microsoft offers several certifications to ensure that all Microsoft SQL certificates meet their criteria. Oracle does the same with its certification process.

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