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    Monitoring Databases is essential to maintain Security

    A corporate database is the repository of all vital information and data related to the operation of the business and is intended to be confidential and protected from attack by a cybercriminal. The chances of a database being hacked and misused by attackers are high because the user can access it from anywhere. Thus, it becomes the main duty of an administrator to protect the database by constantly monitoring the functions and looking for flaws that benefit the attacker.

    Database security is implemented intermittently by the administrator of the company website to closely monitoring what users are doing and who have access to the database. This is mainly done to prevent any alteration of the database by anyone authorized to access the data in the database. It is also done to ensure that no one without proper authorization can access the database. Database security and auditing are accomplished in several ways, such as protecting the server, monitoring database connections, controlling access, and enforcing access restrictions. to the database.

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    Restrictions on access to the database: when a company’s database is controlled via the Internet, this measure is its best use. There will be a list of users authorized to access the data in the database and when this access is restricted, the data is more secure. When this is applied, the user will only be able to try to connect three times and if he does not provide the correct password, his account is deactivated and he will not have the privilege of accessing the database again. of data. When someone tries to access the database from an unknown destination, this tool can also thwart this attempt.

    Access control: it is considered as one of the most difficult and difficult security audits of the database, data security is high when applied. The method requires the combined efforts of the administrator and the database developer. When this method takes effect in the database, all the systems that have access to the database are carefully checked and a list is prepared of all the people who will have the right to access the database. This makes it easy to monitor the activities of all these people and if a suspicious item is detected, their access is interrupted, ensuring the best security for the database.

    Connection to the database: the system administrator does not allow unauthorized updates to the database. You should carefully review any updates that should be made to the database and found to be authentic and secure. There may be other people who also have permission to update the data in the database. The system administrator has to frequently check that this privilege is not being misused and that vital information is changed. You must constantly monitor these people so as not to go through security measures and abuse the data.

    Server security: Using this method, you can restrict the number of people who are allowed to access the database. This is done taking into account the likelihood that anyone will access and manipulate vital data in the database. No unauthorized person can connect to the database. The corporate server only allows computers with a legitimate IP address to access the database. The database server, in turn, is programmed in such a way that it will only allow connections from a particular web server. Consequently, no foreigner will be able to access the company’s database.

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    Other measures: firewall settings will help protect data and keep the database secure. The company should not use system passwords and other parameters provided by suppliers. All highly confidential data must be protected. Confidential information must be encrypted for public networks. All security systems and applications should be updated at regular intervals. Each user will receive a unique identification to access the database.

    These are some of the measures that must be meticulously followed to guarantee the security of the database. Frequent auditing of security measures and updating tools can also be of great help in protecting the database. There are lots of remote dba services provider companies are monitoring important databases round the clock.

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