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    How to be expert in Oracle Performance Tuning?

    oracle dbaFor being a master in Oracle server tuning, it is not sufficient to get Oracle DBA knowledge. But some other field knowledge is required. Like operating system knowledge, storage structure knowledge, some networking, and application knowledge. It means you need almost all domain knowledge which is directly impacted by the Oracle database.

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    Operating system knowledge is not easy to obtain because Oracle database is available for every operating systems of Unix, Linix and Windows. Operating system architecture and utilities are changing as per version of Unix, Linix and Windows. Basic Oracle process architecture doesn’t change.

    Storage is most critical and important hardware for Oracle. Nowadays, Oracle database is stored in storage servers. Take example, SAN and NAS storage. Day by day size of database is increasing rapidly and due to this reason, storage server knowledge is also essential for Oracle performance tuning.

    Therefore, we can say that Oracle Performance Tuning is not easy task. There are lots of online articles and books available for Oracle Performance Tuning methodology. But one important thing is that, every article and books are showing Oracle server Tuning concept with different methods. Due to lots of techniques are available and not verified, big confusion arise in candidate’s mind.

    When you are learning Oracle Tuning from any class or using books, there are no live environment examples available. Oracle Tuning is the art and very few experts is having this knowledge. Lots of depth knowledge and high level experienced database administrator can able to perform this task very easily and quickly.

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    When we are talking about online Oracle training, then there is no live environment practical available in e-learning Oracle courses. Due to these all reasons, Kendba is introducing all online Oracle training courses with live environment examples. Those are all available with High Definition videos for every live practical example. Kendba recently has launched new online training course called “Oracle 11g Performance Tuning – Online Training course with live environment example”. This online course is specially designed with live environment server tuning examples with all practical HD videos. Due to these methodology, everyone can understand critical Oracle Tuning process very easily and able to investigate root cause of Oracle performance bottleneck.

    Some experts offer Oracle Special Performance Tuning online course also offers all type of Oracle Tuning concept from database design, operating system tuning, memory tuning, physical disk I/O tuning, Application tuning, SQL tuning, Network Tuning etc. This single online Oracle Training course also contains an exclusive feature called Oracle Tuning differences of Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9i (all 3 popular versions of Oracle). Therefore, a candidate is able to troubleshoot any of performance related issue on all Oracle versions very quickly.

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